Run QMK Keyboard Firmware Builder locally with Docker

August 19, 2019

Run a copy of locally in Docker containers with minimal config required.


The other day I was getting an error trying to download .hex files from (it’s fine now).

I’d been meaning to set up a copy on my computer, because I want to try some changes to the default wiring method.

The original source is easy enough for a developer to use, but the setup still involves a few steps.

The project

I created a Dockerfile and a compose file at to automate it. Now you can run your own copy like:

  • Install Docker
  • Download or clone
  • Start it up with docker-compose up

It creates 2 docker containers, downloads all the dependencies for QMK and qmkbuilder, and serves it up as a website on the local network.

You don’t need node.js or any of the build tools on the host computer, you only need Docker. Tested on Windows and Mac, ought to work the same on Linux. See the project readme for more details, and report any issues to me on github.